Membership Application


Membership is open to Tasmanian Aboriginal people who are at least 15 years of age and can demonstrate their ancestry to a First Nations Person of north east Tasmania (Coastal Plains Nation). Application for membership must be made in writing and signed by two members of the corporation. A Membership Application can be submitted to a Director or the Contact Person. Applications are tabled at the next Directors Meeting whereby the application is considered. Applicants are notified when a decision has been made, or a request for further information is required.

Please note that the membership application process can be slow:

  • Reviewing membership applications can be a lengthy process as the Board of Directors meets approximately every two months, and has no paid employees. Depending upon organisational circumstances and an application, this can be up to 6 months.
  • Applicants for new membership will be required to attend a General Meeting either in person or online, so we can get to know a little more about you and why you are applying to become a member of MTWAC.
  • The Board of Directors may separately involve Elders to review an application where documentation or family tree lines are unclear or unknown.
  • An applicant maybe asked to provide further supporting documentation to support their application.
  • A membership application will cease if an applicant fails to provide requested information on three (3) occasions i.e. for consideration at three (3) Board of Directors meetings.
  • MTWAC does not provide ’emergency membership’ or documentation for any purpose such as job applications, scholarships, housing, etc.

Notes for Applicants to prevent delays:

  • Application form needs to be filled in and completed by the Applicant.
  • Application form must be clear and legible, particularly email address.
  • Include a copy of your Family Tree, Birth Certificate and other relevant Birth Certificates that demonstrates a continual line.
  • Include any certificates e.g. Marriage Certificate, where there has been a name change.
  • Certified copies of original documents are preferred as they can reduce application time.
  • A Statutory Declaration that you identify and are known as a Tasmanian Aboriginal person from north east Tasmania (Coastal Plains Nation).
  • A $10.00 non-refundable administration fee is payable upon application to cover postage and handling costs.
  • Please pay application fees via direct deposit using your name as payment reference, keep your payment receipt and forward a copy with your membership application

Account Name:   Melythina Tiakanna Warrana Aboriginal Corporation
Bank of Queensland                                                                                                                                           BSB No: 127850              Account No: 20851166

Click here to download a Membership Application form.

Further details of membership can be found in section 5 of the Consolidated Rule Book, which can be access here.