Mannalargenna Day 2022

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday 3rd December for Mannalargenna Day 2022. The Organising Committee have crafted a plan for this year, check it out.

Our Vision

melythina tiakana warrana members are direct descendants of the Aboriginal Ancestors from the Country of tebrakuna , known as the region of northeast Tasmania. melythina tiakana warrana will preserve custodianship and pass on the cultural traditions,  practices & knowledge’s of our Ancestors, and conduct our business with cultural integrity. melythina tiakana warrana will operate on the premise of acknowledging that our Land is sacred, our Culture is precious, and we are a unique People.

Our Aims

Our primary aims and objectives are to:

  • Establish and maintain an Aboriginal cultural artifacts and keeping place.
  • Conduct and advocate research into Aboriginal history and cultural practice.
  • Develop, re-establish and conduct interdisciplinary Aboriginal ceremonial practices.
  • Mentor and showcase Aboriginal artistic expression.
  • Conduct Aboriginal cultural awareness training.
  • Advocate Aboriginal needs and aspirations to government departments and non-government agencies.
  • Reclaim and establish the rightful place of Aborigines as the original peoples of Tasmania.
  • Operate with the highest integrity in business in order to protect Aboriginal cultural heritage and practice as specified by the members.
  • To explore and develop opportunities in economic development projects e.g. tourism ventures.
  • To increase our involvement in the naming of Country, places, and people through thorough research of historical documents.
  • Provide a political voice in issues of land return and protection.