In early 2008, a group of Tasmanian Aboriginal people came together to discuss how Community could be inclusive and have a voice especially in the area of Cultural Heritage and Knowledge. Key objectives of the group were identified as being:

  • Establish and maintain an Aboriginal cultural artefacts and knowledge’s keeping place
  • Conduct and advocate research into Aboriginal history and cultural practice
  • Develop, re-establish and conduct interdisciplinary Aboriginal ceremonial practices
  • Purchase, market and promote Aboriginal cultural products
  • Mentor and showcase Aboriginal artistic expression
  • Conduct  Aboriginal cultural heritage experiences in Country
  • Develop and conduct Aboriginal cultural awareness training
  • Advocate Aboriginal needs and aspirations to government departments and non-government organisations
  • Reclaim and establish our rightful historical and contemporary place as the original People of Tasmania
  • Maintain transparency and integrity at all times.

After many discussions amongst themselves and consultation with prospective members, the group successfully applied to the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) and melythina tiakana warana (Heart of Country) Aboriginal Corporation (mtwAC) became registered. Membership is limited to Tasmanian Aboriginal people, that is, anyone who can show a direct link to North East Tasmania.

mtwAC ‘s first meeting of was held on 17 December 2008. The inaugural Board of Directors elected at this meeting were:

  • Auntie Patsy Cameron
  • Auntie Vicki Matson-Green
  • Uncle Ronnie Summers
  • Auntie Dyan Summers
  • Jo Cameron
  • Tarni Matson

Auntie Patsy Cameron remains an active Director, sharing her wide range of skills and knowledge with Government, non-Government, Aboriginal community and membership.

Auntie Dyan Summers

11 November 2015