Circle of Elders

The Circle of Elders is an invitational group of highly respected and regarded Elders within the organisation of whom the Board of Directors seek advice and guidance on matters of decision making; including but not limited to authentication (ratifying) of family trees used for memberships applications. The Circle of Elders have a recognised “Traditional Authority” within the community and organisation through knowledge of traditional cultural practices, laws and customs, as well as, and strong family connections.

Current members of the MTWAC Circle of Elders
  • Aunty Patsy Cameron AO
  • Aunty Fay Ralph
  • Aunty Betty Grace
  • Aunty Netty Shaw
  • Aunty Brenda Hodge
  • Uncle Malcolm Wells
  • Uncle Sammy Howard
  • Aunty Dyan Summers
  • Aunty Vicki-Laine Green


Remembering our Circle of Elder Members

  • Aunty Corrie Fullard
  • Uncle Murray Everett
  • Aunty Dulcie Greeno
  • Uncle Ronnie Summers